Process Chiller Maintenance

Upkeep is important to keep a chiller running at full capacity. Many problems can be avoided by having your chiller or cooling tower checked regularly. Many steps can be done daily by the person running the machine, but some require extra help from an experienced technician.


  • Check all hot gas and unloader relays
  • Check motor voltages and amps
  • Be on the lookout for refrigerant leaks
  • Inspect chiller quarterly
  • Make sure electrical starters, contractors and relays are working
  • Compressor pressures are within range

    Daily Check Ups

  • Turn of unnecessary chillers
  • Check all set points for settings and functions
  • Make sure there is an Overall Visual inspection

     Monthly Check Ups

  • Assess evaporator and condenser coils
  • Make sure controls work via hot gas bypass and liquid injection
  • Leak testing to find holes
  • Check temperatures per manufacture

    Annual Maintenance

  • Check electrical connections for tightness and contact
  • Make sure to apply lubrication to proper places
  • Check water flow in evaporator and condenser
  • Always record amounts of leaking problems